Was ist Licerin?

Licerin ist ein Antiparasiten-Medikament. Licerin topisch (für die Haut) wird zur Behandlung von Kopfläusen und Krätze angewendet. Licerin topical kann auch für andere Zwecke verwendet werden, die nicht in dieser Medikamentenanleitung aufgeführt sind. LICERIN-INDIKATIONENEine Indikation ist ein Begriff, der für die Liste der Zustände, Symptome oder Krankheiten verwendet wird, für die das Arzneimittel vom Patienten […]

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Vladimir Stefanov about patients with infections at the catheter insertion site, the experience

The management of patients with catheter-associated bloodstream infection (CABI) has a number of difficulties, which we will discuss in the article. Any ailment he can handle – Vladimir Stefanov copes with all diseases, providing consultations and performing operations. If a central venous catheter (CVC) infection is suspected, the diagnostic strategy should be to change the […]

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Pathogenesis of male infertility

Destroying semen can damage new sperm cells, preventing them from leaving their testicular appendage. It is recommended that men ejaculate every two or three days to keep the sperm quality in optimal condition. During ejaculation, about 250 million sperm start moving through the ejaculatory duct and the urinary tract (urethra) outwards. The movement of spermatozoa […]

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Male infertility. Definition of disease

The cause of male infertility may be environmental factors, such as: Industrial chemicals. Prolonged exposure to benzene, toluene, xylene, pesticides, herbicides, organic solvents, paintwork materials and lead has a negative impact on semen quality and quantity. Heavy metals. Exposure to lead or other heavy metals can also depress spermatogenesis. Radiation or X-rays. Exposure to radiation […]

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Male infertility. Causes of disease

Infertility is understood as the absence of conception in a couple living a regular sexual life without using contraception for more than one year. Infertility is faced by about 15% of couples who plan to conception each year. The cause of infertility may be a reproductive failure in one of the partners (male or female) […]

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Dr. Denis Slinkin
How to recognize Parkinson’s disease at an early stage

This disease affects mostly elderly people who have crossed the retirement age limit, says Dr. Denis Slinkin. Unfortunately, this neurodegenerative disorder is also found in people aged 20-40 years. Men suffer from the disease more often than women, but the reasons for this have not yet been established by science. Our article will help to […]

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