How to recognize Parkinson’s disease at an early stage

Dr. Denis Slinkin

How to recognize Parkinson’s disease at an early stage

This disease affects mostly elderly people who have crossed the retirement age limit, says Dr. Denis Slinkin. Unfortunately, this neurodegenerative disorder is also found in people aged 20-40 years. Men suffer from the disease more often than women, but the reasons for this have not yet been established by science. Our article will help to recognize Parkinson’s disease – its first symptoms and signs.

What does the diagnosis mean?

This pathology slowly kills the nerve cells that are responsible for motor function. At first it causes tremor, but over time it deprives the person of physical activity and mental ability. Gradually, a complete attenuation of all vital functions occurs.

The main thing is to notice the changes in time and take action. Thus, it will be possible to extend the period of active life, said Dr. Denis Slinkin.

Causes of occurrence

Dr. Denis Slinkin

It is a degenerative disease that is provoked by molecular and biochemical changes in the body.

Why the disease begins to develop:

  • changes due to age;
  • predisposition in connection with genetics;
  • neuroinfections;
  • environmental impact – the impact of working conditions, ecology, nutrition, place of residence.

Sometimes the diagnosis is based on other chronic pathologies and conditions that may have provoked metabolic disorders. Among them:

  • frequent craniocerebral traumas – athletes are subject to them;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • drug addiction;
  • prolonged drug use;
  • tumor.