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Health Resources

In addition to skilled doctors and modern medical facilities, Longmont Clinic and Carbon Valley Medical Center strive to offer our patients a full spectrum of services aimed at keeping you and your family healthy. The Health Resources section of our web site provides you with a convenient and efficient way to access information on the many programs, services and medical information that we offer here.

Health Services feature a wide range of ancillary services and programs that are available through our Clinics that can enhance your medical care. In our Health Library, you will find numerous articles written by our physicians and clinical staff that cover medical topics of timely interest. Peruse our Library to educate yourself on many different health issues. We also offer access to many Forms and Instructions that you may need to check-in for your appointment, prepare for a procedure, or refer to for post-procedural care. Check with your doctor’s office to see if their information is available here. Pediatric Web is a resource for parents with young children. It provides reliable information that is available 24 hours a day to educate you on children’s health issues and helps you decide when you need to call or visit the doctor.  In the Classes and Programs area, you'll also find listings of all of our current class offerings. In the News and Announcements section you can find any cutting-edge health announcements that we have released to the local media, as well as news about the Clinic and its doctors.  

Our hope is that you find these resources helpful in maintaining your health and well-being. Please visit us here often to stay abreast of the newest developments in health care.